About BIBO

It’s time for a new way to think about water. It’s time to say Hello BIBO.

BIBO is changing the way South Africans drink water by providing a tasty, great value alternative to water dispensers, hydro boilers, urns as well as bottled, filtered and tap water. We are a group of passionate people who are obsessed about providing clean and pure water in an environmentally friendly manner. BIBO wants to make drinking water a fun and exciting experience for all so that both adults and children will consume more water for a healthier lifestyle, without the environmental impact of plastic bottles or CO2 emissions created by hauling heavy water across the planet. We at BIBO ensure that all our customers have an uninterrupted and endless supply of the highest quality water at the lowest possible cost.

BIBO was founded in 2011 in the United Kingdom by Jonathan Brown, an expert in the water industry for more than 20 years. Jonathan led the introduction of bottled water coolers to the UK market in the late eighties with the Crystal Spring brand, which became the largest European bottler of spring water for the cooler market. It was bought by Hutchison Whampoa in 1998, by which time Jonathan had recognised the unnecessary environmental damage being done by the bottled water industry: delivering spring water often thousands of miles away from its source raised serious sustainability and ecological issues. This was a turning point for Jonathan as his experience of trucks delivering water around the country made him realise that the concept of drinking bottled water must end if we are to meet environmental & sustainability goals.

Only a few years later BIBO has operations in South Africa and Australia besides the United Kingdom with distributors being appointed in certain parts of Europe and Africa. We are looking at making the world a more exciting place one sip at a time.