Drink Pure Water

BIBO water is super pure, healthy and tastes great – thanks to the fact that it uses the latest technology to filter and purify your water. BIBO filters are designed to remove chlorine, fluoride, arsenic , hormones and other harmful elements from your water. In addition to this BIBO leaves all the essential minerals and irons while removing all odor and harmful tastes. Coffee, tea and cordials taste so much better with BIBO water.

Your BIBO also comes equipped with a powerful UV light. The UV light ensures that bacteria, pathogens and living micro-organisms are removed instantly. Thus you can be rest assured that you are getting the highest quality water available from your BIBO.

BIBO holds the coveted Watermark accreditation which is one of the leading water accreditations in the world. BIBO carries a CE mark (Conformite Europeenne ) which is a manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. Internationally-recognised, it also has a UL Mark for Asia & reaches the exacting ISI-1505 standard

Multistage Carbon Filter

  • 6 month long-lasting multi-stage carbon filter – only needs to be changed twice a year.
  • We use 2 filters, including a minute 0.5 micron as well as a UV filter for the ultimate results.
  • Filters remove the smallest particles. Leaving only pure, 100% natural water.
  • The multistage carbon filter eliminates organic and inorganic matter as well as contaminants such as hormones and arsenic.
  • Removes 99% of chlorine.
  • All the essential minerals like magnesium and calcium are left in your water. Why remove what’s healthy for you?

UV Light Filter

  • 12 month long-lasting UV lamp only needs to be changed once a year
  • UV water purification with the ultra violet light eliminates 99.9% of micro-living organisms, unwelcome bacteria and viruses. After chlorine has been removed from your water it is vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. The 11 watt ultra violet lamp keeps the water free from bacteria and germs
  • This filtration is highly effective, without producing dangerous by-products and without causing any chemical changes.