What is a BIBO?

“The BIBO Water Bar is the next generation water purifier that connects to your mains water supply, providing you with an unlimited supply of the purest water, serving it perfectly chilled or boiling hot at the touch of a button. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly – it’s really the future of water”

See BIBO in action Watch the video>

Pure, healthy water

  • Completely pure, clean and great tasting water – not just for drinking but also ideal for cooking healthy foods
  • Latest technology in water filtration – ultra-sophisticated, multistage carbon filters and UV lamp purification
  • Ensures that the healthy minerals remain and only the bad elements are filtered out
  • Preferred filtration as per the World Health Report – enhanced by the UV lamp purification which will eliminate any water born bacteria
  • Easy to change – long life carbon filters only need to be changed twice a year and the UV lamp once a year

Instant chilled & boiling water

  • Endless supply, no refilling
  • Instant chilled, boiling and pre-set temperatures of choice – no more waiting for water to boil or chill
  • No more buying or loading drums full of filtered water
  • Child lock – safe for children
  • Set your favourite mug, glass or bottle sizes – also ideal for filling baby bottles to one’s ideal pre-set temperature and quantity of choice by simply pressing a button

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

  • Save electricity by replacing your kettle with a BIBO
  • Your BIBO automatically goes to sleep after a certain amount of time of not being used
  • Program your BIBO to come on and go to sleep at the times of day that suit your lifestyle
  • Your BIBO won’t let you waste a drop of water – no need to run the tap to get the water hot or cold for drinking or cooking
  • Help save the environment by reducing CO2 emissions created by hauling heavy water across the planet
  • Reduce the use of plastic bottles by bottling your own water